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Enter into the enchanting world of the Mystic Warriors.  Where an ageless immortal society of gifted and powerful  supernatural  beings exist, unknown to man, with magic and the ability to control the elements of nature and use these ability to fight the forces of darkness.  Desire, love, and adventure lie ahead for two unlikely souls destined to be together.

Bly La Croix is a true daughter of the earth, a powerful shifter, telepath and practitioner of magic. She's a descendant from a long line of Elemental warriors and magical beings as a protector of mankind while living among normal man as one of them.  The various roles she's assumed over time afforded her the secrecy necessary to fulfill her protective role to man. 

Andrew Von Erikson, the eldest of the Von Erikson triplets born over six hundred years ago.  The situation surrounding their birth created the one of a kind warrior that they are.  Known to the society of Elementals as Day Walkers, they are a triple threat to combat the evil of the world.  Due to the circumstance of his birth Andrew exists in a world of isolation, expecting nothing, to never fine a mate who can save him from the shadows that haunt his being.

They were both summoned to return to Nos Ysse Kraggenra – Sanctuary Mountain, by the governing council of their society.  Trouble is brewing and danger of the dark forces is presenting itself.  It's prey, mankind and their weaknesses.  From the moment they meet, Bly and Andrew are drawn to one another, helpless to resist the desire that ignites between them.  Destiny has brought them together, but is it enough to overcome the obstacles that malevolent force has thrown in their path. Will the desire they share be enough to overcome the barriers of their lives that separate them?

A new fantasy series with a unique take on the paranormal.

April 25, 2019

Five Star Review!  "A wonderful start to a new series. An original idea that opens a window to the world of elementals and their influence on humanity. I loved the backstories of the various elementals and what shaped them as people. They were so good that they could stand on their own as separate novels or novellas."

ITLP - Bestselling, Top 10 Kindle All-Star Author

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