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         I'm Katherine Moore, author of Elementals Mystic Warriors, the first book of my Mystic Warriors series, I live in Houston, Texas.   A native of Louisiana, which is where the basis for my love of reading and writing began. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston-Downtown.  I am a mother, business owner and a former educator.  While in my role as an educator I helped spread the love for reading and writing to expand the minds of the students connected with me on a daily basis.

My love of writing reaches across the different genre in literature.  Fiction, fantasy, romance, drama, are just a few of the subjects that encompasses my world and love of writing. 

          My home town’s public library became a second home to me.  With the librarian knowing my love of reading, she would call my home to let my mother know that new material was received. Coming from a large family of eleven children, reading and writing gave me a way to have a space that I didn’t have to share.  I write for myself because it gives me a sense of freedom.  With this freedom comes the ability to create characters and settings that were not locked into any one realm.  When I write I become a part of my characters.  They exist in the world, time and space I create.  

        The ability to present my characters and create pictures that evoke emotions to the conscious mind, to stimulate the mind, is an ability that I am blessed to have.  I love storytelling! Louisiana the place of my origin is filled with myths, legends and traditions of times past and that still potentially affect the present.  Stories of the gifted and talented, of the paranormal and romance filled with action, sometimes conflicting personalities and intrigue is what I present.

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