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Below is a showing of my published works and what is yet to come.  ELEMENTALS MYSTIC WARRIORS is available for purchase in both e-book and paperback through Kindle (Amazon).  Also great short read, get a copy of my novelette, LOVE'S UNEXPECTED EMBRACE. These book can also be purchased by following the Universal Book Link,  UBL:

Elementals Front ebook -KLM.jpg
Elementals Mystic Warriors
Available in e-book and paperback

The Mystic Warriors beginning! Shape shifters, practitioners of magic with the ability to control the elements. The Von Erikson triplets, the Mystic Warriors true Triple threat to the forces of Evil. Learn how the incredible births of the three came to past and how it has effected the lives of those around them.  Over six hundred years old.  They are not vampire and they are not human.  The Elementals Triple Threat warriors, that are one of a kind, never again to be duplicated.

Their story is just beginning! For more of the Elementals Mystic Warriors view the video... Live on Amazon and also through UBL:

E-Book-Love's Unexpected Embrace.jpg
Love's Unexpected Embrace

Available in e-book and paperback

Susan Drake divorced mother of two children. Joseph Bennett, returning home after serving ten years in the military. They are drawn to each other. Memories of young love not quite forgotten resurface. Susan and Joseph explore the possibility that they were truly meant to be together. She feels that their passion for one another is an all-consuming connection, as it grows. They have all but moved in together. But there is trouble on the horizon for the lovers as unexpected and untimely events in their relationship are revealed. Will the love they share be enough or does fate have other plans for them… Click on link below.

Dragonborn Cover_ebook.jpg
Dragonborn Search For A Dream

Coming Soon! Book #2

Mystic Warriors Series​

Luthien Karrouse was powerful, ageless with millennia of time behind him.  He was born at the beginning when the Earth was still young, not long after the appearance of man upon Gaea, the earth, when she was still young and unpolluted by the so-called advances of man.  He was sired by one of the Great Old Ones, a dragon and his mother was a human female.  He was half dragon and half man, dragon-born.  He is heir to an ancient draconic bloodline but in truth, a being without a place to call home.  He was considered unacceptable by both sides of his lineage.  An outcast shunned by man and dragons alike.  But for the love of his mother he would have been alone.   He was strong, fierce an as brutal as the environment he grew up in… a constant struggle with the darkness of his draconic nature to overcome.  But he was bound by the honor of a promise to his mother before she died to protect those that were weaker than he from the unknown force of evil… he would live out the millennia as a protector of mankind. ..

Black Coming Soon Book Cover2.jpg
Sara Life Renewed!

Coming In 2020

          Perspiration ran down my face and down my spine, as I labored over the wash tub at the back of the mansion.  This is the home of the Moreau family, the people that owned me, my name is Sara.   I don’t even remember how I came to the Moreau Plantation.  Maybe that is as other slaves told me because I was born to the plantation.  This is where my life began…  I didn’t know my mother because when I was a toddler she had been sold to another plantation owner.  The slave who had supposed to have sired me had been sold too, nothing uncommon about that here in the South.  Everyone knew that your owners or masters could do with you as they pleased.  One sure sign of their wealth was judged by the size of their plantation and the number of slaves that plantation owned.

            Now, my looks and appearance did not fit the average looks or appearances of the average slave hand.  Maybe because there was some truth to the whispers I had heard about my mother and who my real father could be…but those slaves whispers often would shut down when they became aware of my presence.  The master often said I was comely and not offensive to look upon.  So I worked in the mansion as a house slave and a chaperone for the Moreau’s daughter Annabel.  After Miss Annabel’s presentation and debut at the founder’s debutante ball she was sought after by many suitors. 

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