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Here's What's Coming!

Later this year, in late December, will be the release of book 2 in the Mystic Warrior series, entitled DRAGONBORN SEARCH FOR A DREAM! Where you will discover Luthien Karrouse, a mystic warrior and champion of mankind who is ageless with millennia of time behind him. Born of a human woman and a dragon, but accepted by neither species as one of their own.

Scarlett Donovan, a professor of Ecology, an environmental scientist. Since childhood, she was inexplicably drawn to nature and became one of its champions combating man and his seemingly unending desire to change its natural beauty to that of the concrete jungles in which they dwelt.

They were both from two different times and their worlds began lifetimes apart. But as fate would have it, these worlds are destined to collide. Destiny or the powers that be have drawn them together. He, never acknowledging the human side of him and the secret call of his soul that cried out in loneliness, shielding him with indifference… She thought she would forever be alone after losing her family then the love of her life. But she had a family secret that was unknown even to her that was drawing these two seemingly unlikely souls together…

Coming Soon!

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