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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Even though I love to write my first love was reading the written word. In reading I found a whole new universe to explore. Different times and places were revealed by the gift and the magic of books....

Join me in discovering all that we can in sharing with each other stories we have found!

“Do you have a book that your are reading or have recently read that you would like to share with others that are like minded? Okay so it's not a recent read but one that sticks in your mind! Share the title with us and some of your thoughts about the content of the story...

What is your favorite genre to read... or if you're a writer share your vision of what you want to bring to life... The excerp below is a part of one of my stories!

Excerpt from the Elementals Mystic Warriors...


In another section of the compound having just arrived from the city to talk to Shayla, Andrew Von Erikson stood watching the scene as it evolved. The object of his questions for Shayla passing him unnoticed in a full stride, sprinting. Bly intrigued him and whatever was happening he decided to follow and observe her. Shifting from his human appearance to become mist in the night for ease of travel and less of a chance of being noticed by she whom he chose to follow…

Bly was running full out with tears streaming down her face as she left the compounds interior walls and almost immediately without breaking stride shifted into the form of a fierce Black Panther in full intensity an intimidating power. Andrew was utterly amazed at the speed and fluidity of the transformation. He had seen shifters transform swiftly before, but never with the speed and ease that Bly just had… Her cat was a ripple of sinewy muscle hidden under pitch black fur with the eloquence of the species form she held. She was running at break neck speed. Leaping over fallen trees, maneuvering through underbrush with ease. Still, Andrew followed observing her as she ran. Her body powerful and explosion of energy set free…covering more than a few miles distance in a short time. Then just as quickly as she had changed into her large cat, she shifted again with the same speed and ease as before. Without breaking her stride this time into a large golden wolf. She extended herself… Muscles stretching her body in full stride running so swiftly her paws barely touched the surface of the ground.

Maneuvering her way in and out of overgrown areas and sailing over fallen stumps as though they weren’t even there. Bly was running full out as if the Hounds of Hell were on her heels, her breathing steady. Andrew in the form of mist moved just as rapidly through the sky, staying close, unnoticed by Bly. But with each shift she made he noticed he could feel a slight disturbance or influx of energy in the air… and he was beginning to feel it again. The large golden wolf while running took a leap to clear two fallen trees. It was at that moment while in motion that she changed again. To his surprise the form she chose for her transformation took flight in the middle of her leap. A complete change! Bly was now airborne in the form of an Eagle.

She started to flap her wings to get momentum and began to climb high into the night sky. Leaving behind the ground and all of its obstacles. After reaching a certain height she let out the sound of the rasping cry of her bird of prey…she echoed this call twice and spread her enormous wings and soared. Still in the form of mist and traveling rapidly trailing behind her, Andrew sought to touch her mind…with the utmost caution not to alert her that he was there, he delicately touched her mind to shadow her thoughts. To his discovery her mind was chaotic. She was caught in an emotionally painful turmoil over her brother’s condition. She had needed this time alone. Away from the rest of her siblings to regroup herself, because she felt that she could not afford to let them see her fall apart. Ray would have wanted her to be strong and hold it together. So strong in the face of everything and everyone else she had to be, for Ray! This had been her way of venting, her emotional release. Trying to get past the initial shock because she was the last to know what had happened to him. Her father had ordered that none of the others tell her while she was away, he didn’t want her to be alone when she found out. John La Croix knew that she was being summoned home by the council to face this new threat to them and all of mankind . Andrew shadowing her thoughts as he was, could read her determination to never be so long away, or out of touch with her family again. This she promised herself.

Bly chose a mountain ledge high up in the Northern Cascades to finally come to rest. Perched on a large tree limb she sat. Spreading out and fluttering her wings a couple of times as if in a lazy motion stretching. With the last spread of her wings she descended to the ground and transformed back into her human form just before landing. But still gracefully landing on both feet, as if she were a gymnast making an aerial dismount…a perfect ten! Andrew was still a delicate shadow in her mind, still in the form of mist he also watched her as she walked to the edge of the ledge and held her arms out wide away from her side…looking out over her beloved mountain range and forest region she took in a couple of deep breaths of the pure clear air and exhaled and after the last one… she let out a scream of hurt and pain and collapsed upon the ground and wept for Ray. Andrew had mentally shared with her the pain and anguish and it touched him somewhere deep inside… Bly La Croix was different to him… he slowly eased out of her mind now to give her back her privacy of personal grief and thought.

Before today he had not laid eyes on her since she was ten years old and running around the compound with her brothers and sisters as children often did. Fifty-five years have passed since then and even though she was considered mature in Elfin years, she was still a fledgling, but an interesting and powerful one… who was now a part of his team. There was a lot he had to learn about Bly La Croix and her abilities. He felt that their success as a group might depend on it, or for him was there more…

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